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Sawing is a science - a variety of factors and their interplay determine what results you will achieve with sawing.

Every user places his own individual demands on the tool, for example:

  • Tool Life
  • Cutting time
  • Tool Cost
  • Surface finish / cut quality


Other factors in the selection process

Besides your specific objectives, the following conditions also influence product selection:

  • The band saw machine
  • The material
  • The dimensions and shape of the workpiece
  • Cutting of individual sheets, layers or bundles


WIKUS constantly gears its product portfolio toward customer needs and offers a wide range of:


  • Bandwidths
  • Tooth shapes
  • Tooth pitches
  • Tooth sets
  • Specially designed products

Product classification as a decision aid


To make it easier for you to select the right products,
WIKUS groups its band saw blades into three performance classes:

Level 1
Standard band saw blades that can be used

Level 2
Band saw blades that offer high performance

Level 3
High-tech band saw blades that meet the
highest standards

The WIKUS product line also includes special designs for use in individual applications. But please note that not all special designs are available for every band saw.


Furthermore, WIKUS also offers special blades:

Special products for use in high-performance
sawing technology and very special applications

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